Frequently asked questions

Q:  How is BDAB different from the Blue & White Foundation?

A:  The Blue & White Foundation exists to support any DSHS need.  BDAB specifically supports DSHS Athletics.

Q:  Can I make a donation without becoming a member?

A:  Yes. Contact us for more details at

Q:  How will the funds raised be used?

A:   Potential uses of funds include:  Team grants/awards, equitable fund distribution between teams, or support of major projects which benefit DSHS Athletics.

Q:  Does the BDAB replace individual team fundraising?

A:  No.  In most cases, individual team fundraising may continue. The BDAB MAY be able to reduce the need for individual team fundraisers, or lend greater organizational support to those fundraisers. 

Do you have more questions or need additional information? Contact us at